Welcome to my web page. Come in, grab a cup of coffee or tea and visit a while. My name is Darla Luke, and I write Contemporary Romance about strong women and the men who love them.

Have you ever wondered what makes an author put stories into words, actions, emotions down on paper for readers to experience? Well, I can’t tell you why other authors write, but I can tell you why I write. All my life, I’ve had an over-active imagination and instead of driving myself (and everybody close to me!) crazy with the ‘But, what if…’, I decided sanity wasn’t optional and had to make it work for me, instead of against me!

One of my favorite things to do is brainstorm. With help from great friends like Susan Lute, Ginger Kent, Wendy Warren, Cassiel Knight, Jessie Smith and Linda Mercury, we brainstorm every chance we get. It doesn’t matter if we’re walking on the beach or shopping at the mall, ‘What if…’ always gets our imagination into high gear.

Many of my books & short stories started as one of our brainstorming sessions. Check out the Short Stories page for the stories behind the stories.

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