Journals For Your Life

A New Venture!

Journals For Your Life…

It’s been a long year, bringing change to every aspect of my life…work, home, farm and writing. Sometimes you just have to roll with punches, get back up, dust off and motor on.

Because good friend Susan Lute knows me well, she shared her new obsession to me: creating journals (check out her website here). Immediately I remembered a conversation I had with my daughter, a nature lover extraordinaire, where she lamented that she couldn’t find a lined journal to keep track of her many adventures.

So, for her birthday I created the Experience Nature Journal. With 150 Lined pages, each has a place for the Date, Weather and Location and, just for fun, pictures of dragonflies, turtles, bees, owls, etc. decorate every page along with fun tidbits of interesting information.


With interesting animal and insect facts on each page, this is the journal to document and keep all those adventures in one place. Get it on today!

Bee-utiful Journal

Then, because I’m a beekeeper, of course I had to create a journal for beekeepers! Much like the Experience Nature journal, the Bee-utiful Journal has colorful pages, each with a honeybee in the corner, and thoughtful questions to prompt journal entries.

Beekeeper or Bee Steward, whatever your word is for taking care of, watching over…and yes, even obsessing over your bees, one thing is for certain, you need to keep records. Jot down daily, weekly or bi-weekly observations of your hive.

With a place to note the Date, Weather, Hive #/Name, Location & plenty of room for Observations, the Bee-utiful Journal is where you can record anything hive-related for reference in the years to come!

Get it on today!

Bee-utiful Honey Recipe Journal

Recipes are for keeping, honey is for eating…it’s a match made in heaven. Use this journal-style keepsake to pass down favorite recipes for generations to come! Inside you’ll find 150 pages to record your favorite honey recipes, with a place for a title, who the recipe came from, oven temp (if needed), number of servings, ingredients & directions.

Get it today at!

Experience Travel

One of my favorite things to do is travel, so of course, the Experience Travel was the next journal I created. Each page has a place for a Date, Weather, then City, St/Country. Then plenty of lines to record your journey as you experience the world!